Geoff Roberts

BFA Animation | Class of 2020

Geoff Roberts is a 22-year-old Animator, Cartoonist, 3D artist and a Senior in the animation program at Daemen College. He is pursuing a career in television animation.

instagram: @houndkidz
twitter: @geoffr

Eye of the Terrier
This film is 3D animation with an interesting twist. Traditionally 3D animated films are created by making a complex character rig that takes a long time to finalize. This however has the unfortunate effect of limiting the amount of characters you can have film due to time and also resulting in the animation itself becoming more restrained. In this film, Geoff has tried to bridge the gap between the flexibility and appeal of 2D animation within the medium of 3D animation. Prepare to witness the boxing fight of the century in glorious cartoony fashion.