Jacob Thompson

BFA Animation | Class of 2020

Jacob is an animator that values his medium as a way to tell visually arresting tales. Bringing stylized characters to life with intense, dynamic animation is the endgame. An aficionado of video game animation and storytelling, Jacob seeks to find his place in a team that creates worlds of exploration and discovery, and hopes to one day even lead those teams as a creative director. Outside of life as an animator, Jacob is a husband of six years, a father of two (soon to be three) young children, a bassist (slap or tickle, you choose), a coffee snob, mountain climber, and in years past; a soldier.

email: JacobJRRWT@gmail.com
artstation: artstation.com/jacobjrrwt  
twitter: @Jazzmasta_J
instagram: @JazzmastaJ

ÆGIS is a tale of a young man protecting his home from an overwhelming invader. Wielding a mythical weapon that he doesn’t understand… until he finds a way for its power to be unleashed. But, the power of the ÆGIS is not the only hidden power in this world.

The focus of this project was to be a showpiece for character animation. Exercising characters performing actions together such as fighting was a challenging obstacle to overcome in the animation of this short, but also a necessary part of developing into a better animator. Many extra controls and keyframes are required to have characters interact in this way. The character models and environments are credited to other artists, while all animation is hand-keyed by Jacob.

Over time the story of the short has changed significantly and originally involved a battle between one old man against two shadowy figures and one large beast, including some interaction with the old man’s young family. With story development help from the Daemen Animation professors, the short has been polished and simplified, taking a “less” is more approach, and also changing characters along the way.