Jackie Frank

BFA Animation | Class of 2020

Elysian Grove is my second animated short film, but the first in 3D. I am passionate about visual storytelling in and working in the film industry. Having created this film from the ground up, I had a chance to explore all the different realms of CG animation. I personally want to continue to work on all these skills, but professionally I’d like to work in either environmental modeling or animation.

email: jmfrank1998@gmail.com
portfolio website: https://jmfrank1998.wixsite.com/portfolio
vimeo account: https://vimeo.com/user80993572
instagram: @quellin_art

Elysian Grove
In Elysian Grove, an evil smog has killed all the surrounding life but cannot seem to penetrate the small area containing a magical tree. Within the tree sleeps a forest spirit, who is awakened by the death and decay of the land. The spirit possesses the power to push away the smog and create new life, but the smog grows stronger as the spirit becomes weak. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have submitted clips of animation that cannot be rendered until I can return to the school’s computer labs.