John Gatto

BFA Animation | Class of 2020

Jack/John Gatto is a Senior Animation Major at Daemen College. Jack mainly works digitally for his Animation projects. His writing style has a focus on comedy and satire and his animations are inspired by early 2000’s flash cartoons and 1990’s cartoons.  His interests outside of animation include 3D Printing, Sculpture, Virtual Reality, and Game Development. After graduation, Jack hopes to get a job at an animation studio as a 3D modeler, Storyboard Artist, or a CG Generalist.

 instagram: @Potatomanng

Hobros Train of Pain
This film tells the tale of two Hobo Brothers on their first gig as train drivers. We see the pains of their lower economic status through the struggles of yesteryear.  Join them on the adventure of a lifetime as there is no stoppin’ this train!

The Animation itself is 3D animation with a classic style, attempting to create a more painterly look in the 3D environment.