Carly Uzar

BFA Illustration | Class of 2020

I am a senior Illustration major at Daemen College, currently focusing on nature illustration. Much of my work is inspired by my interest in small and often overlooked organisms which I try to evoke the beauty of through detailed rendering in traditional media like colored pencil and watercolor.


Overlooked: Elevating National Geographic Articles Through Illustration
For this project I took two National Geographic articles from their website and created illustrations and layouts that could theoretically be used in a physical magazine. I chose articles that I felt weren’t as approachable or not as immediately gripping as others so I could utilize my illustrations to highlight the message(s) of the articles and draw in more readers. All pieces are done in colored pencil, with the latter also having a watercolor base, to emphasize the intricacies of the organisms being illustrated.


Digital mockup for page one of the first article.
Digital mockup for pages two and three of the first article.
Milk Cap; Colored Pencil; 6.75”x5”.
Enoki; Colored Pencil; 4.75”x6.25”.
Mycena; Colored Pencil; 5”x7”.
Oyster; Colored Pencil; 8.75”x4.75”.
Satan’s Bolete; Colored Pencil; 6.5”x6.5”.
Pholiota; Colored Pencil; 5”x5”.
King Bolete; Colored Pencil; 6.75”x6”.
Turkey Tail; Colored Pencil; 7”x8”.
Bonnet; Colored Pencil; 5”x6”.
Morel; Colored Pencil; 4.25”x6.25”.
Fly Agaric; Colored Pencil; 5.5”x7.25”.
Gills and Mycelium; Colored Pencil; 10.75”x14.5”.
Golden Mushroom; Colored Pencil; 10.75”x8.75”.


Digital mockup for pages one and two of the second article.
Digital mockup for pages three and four of the second article.
American Toad; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 6”x7.25”.
White’s Tree Frog; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 6”x8.5”.
Emperor Newt; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 6”x11.5”.
Arboreal Salamander; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 5.5”x9.5”.
Midwife Toad; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 6.5”x5.25.”
Fire Salamander; Watercolor and Colored Pencil; 8.75”x6.25.”