Jessica Blewett

BFA Graphic Design | Class of 2020

I am a senior graphic design major at Daemen College. I believe that travel and the people in my life have the biggest influences on my art, not just as a designer but in fine art as well. I grew up in Depew, NY, and love the Buffalo art scene and can’t want to professionally contribute to it.

instagram: @jessiecreatesstudio

Coddiwomple is where travel meets mental health through design. It is not a travel agency nor is it a booking agency, it is a way to deliver information to students and encourage travel. Travel is not always packing your bags for a two weeks trip to Europe; sometimes it is leaving your comfort zone for a day and going to a park in the next town over for a picnic or perhaps going on a hike in a state park. So, open your mind and let’s Coddiwomple.

Please visit the Coddiwomple website here to view the remainder of the booklets as well as the official Coddiwomple website.

Mockup of Booklet Volume 1.