Rachel Witkowski

BFA Graphic Design | Class of 2020

Not only am I a Graphic Designer but I also have a passion (and a minor) in Global and Local Sustainability. After graduation, I want to find a job that will let me combine my new found passion for the Earth and protecting it as well as my passion for graphic design.

email: rwxdesigns@gmail.com

For Earth: Green New Deal Abridged
In recent years, climate change has become a dramatic problem for future generations. The ways in which our government is reacting to these challenges often involves complicated policies that the everyday individual may struggle to understand. One of the most prominent policies is the Green New Deal that offers radical changes to improve environmental health and restructure various dynamics of the United States as FDR’s New Deal did in the 1930s. My project focuses on breaking down the Green New Deal into understandable chunks so that the average individual can make informed decisions about this policy.

The following handout is meant to introduce viewers to the different major categories covered in the Green New Deal document.

The following handouts provide the specific talking points for each topic discussed in the Green New Deal document.

These images are a mockup of what all the components of the project would look like when displayed together.

The following images are part of a social media campaign to have an interactive aspect to the project.