Ashley Dusza

BS Art Education | Class of 2020

I am a senior Art Education major at Daemen College. I have had various experiences displaying artwork from undergraduate shows in the Haberman Gacioch Art Center at Daemen College as well as in the Erie County Fair art exhibitions, locally at the town of Alden art shows and digitally on various platforms. As well as being an artist, some of my biggest achievements have come from being a teacher in training. I have had the opportunity to teach lessons at Harris Hill Elementary, the Buffalo Arts Studio and am in the process of completing student teaching within the Iroquois and Buffalo School Districts. I have worked hard over the past four years to grow as an artist as well as a teacher and value my experiences collaborating with amazing artists and educators at Daemen College.

instagram: @aduszart

Hyperrealism with a Hint of Surrealism
I would describe my personal art style as hyperrealism with a hint of surrealism, and that is likely what I would name this digital show. My favorite works of art are full of meaningful details and you experience my work best through looking closely at the intricate mark making. This show exemplifies my proudest moments as an artist and student at Daemen College. Please enjoy the saturated colors and absolutely tedious details in the drawings and paintings of Hyperrealism with a Hint of Surrealism. 

Below is an image of Ashley Dusza with two of her paintings Summer (left) and Winter (right).

Space Illumination; 16”x20”; Oil Paint

Ode to Georgia; 18”x24”; Conte Crayon

Breakthrough; 14.5”x20.5”; Prismacolor Colored Pencil

It’s Hisstory; 16”x20.”; Oil Paint

Extinction of the Spix‘s Macaw; 19”x24”; Prismacolor Colored Pencil

Glimpses; 22.5”x28.5”; Charcoal Pencils

The Spirit of Chaos; 15”x20”; Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Sunny Side Up; 16”x20”; Oil Paint