Noah Ost

BS Art Education | Class of 2020

Born in Buffalo, NY, Noah Ost is a Visual Arts Education (K-12) Major at Daemen College. Noah works mainly with paint, specifically watercolor, and likes to explore the role of human emotion within artwork; however, his artwork is not limited to only that. As an educator, Noah likes to have students explore their own personal identity, interests, and their own interpretations of the world around them. Noah is personally inspired by the mid-twentieth century Abstract Expressionist painters from New York City. Noah believes the meaning behind his own artwork is important although he finds the true enjoyment of art making to be when an audience crafts their own interpretation.

instagram: @toastyostyarts

Miss Congeniality
For Miss Congeniality, I looked mostly towards interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. I wanted to explore how interactions between family and friends affected my own understanding of self-worth. There are pieces to represent the suffocating feeling of parental expectations seeming too high to ever be achieved, the moments where attempts at escapism from low feelings ultimately come to an end, and when failures to meet platonic expectations result in becoming the villain. However, it ends with a piece which recognizes that while there may be troubles now, everything will work out in the end. Miss Congeniality was completed in a variety of different media; from watercolor paints to resin teeth replicas pressed into clay. My favorite part of visual arts is when an artwork is given away to the public to be viewed and all of the interpretations come rolling in. These pieces mean something special to me, but I can’t wait to see what they could mean to someone else.

Sick of Pancakes; 32”x22”; Ink; 2019.

Years of Being the Sweet Kid Turned You Sour; 12”x24”; Acrylic; 2020.

“I kind of have this mentality that says, everything works out in the end. And if it’s not working out, it’s not the end.”

Bob the Drag Queen (2019)

someday there won’t be any flowers left to plant; 6”x9”; Watercolor; 2020.

09121130315; 27”x20”; Watercolor; 2017.

Where the Lines Overlap; 16”x20”; Oil; 2019.

Midnight Rides Home; 8”x10.5”; Digital Photographs; 2018.

My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska?; 15”x22”; Ink; 2019.

“I just don’t feel like you should be Miss Congeniality.”

Aja (2017)

Sounds Good; 20”x20”; Ink and Watercolor; 2019.

It’s Okay to be a Man, You Know; 6”x9”; Acrylic; 2020.

let’s burn that bridge when we get to it; 8”x10”; Watercolor; 2019.

Miss Congeniality; 9”x12”; Watercolor; 2020.

End of the Earth; 16”x20”; Acrylic; 2019.

“[it] doesn’t make sense with my fantasy”

Valentina (2019)

now stop worrying and go get dressed; 8”x10.5” each; series of six digital photographs; 2018.

Guilt; 20”x24”; Mixed Media; 2020.

S18-06300903; 20”x20”; Watercolor; 2018.

Finale; 24”x36”; Acrylic; 2019.

PS- I Think I Can Make it Just Fine On My Own; 12”x24”; Mixed Media; 2020.