Will Oswald

BS Art | Class of 2020

I have always been interested in video games and learning how to use new types of technology. I hope to find a place where I can use the skills I learned for 3D printing to design bigger things that we actually make. I like being able to make physical things that people can hold and interact with.

email: willoswalddesigns.com
website: www.behance.net/williamoswald

BS Show
My work consists of a few of my favorite things I made in my first years, and some 3D prints that I made after I learned how to create models and use the printer. I have some works that are made almost entirely in Adobe Illustrator because it is one of my favorite tools to use. As I started messing around trying to print different things, several people recommended that I try to put Ink or Paint on some of the 3D prints I made of Photographs, and after trying it out it became one of my favorite things to make. I like to use the 3D printer to make small versions of things that I may try to make, but I also like to use it to make smaller things that I can give to people.

3D Plane
3D Table
3D Table Photograph
Big Letter