Congrats, seniors! We are proud of you.

The Department of Visual & Performing Arts is always proud of its graduating artists, but never more so than now. Much of the work on display was completed during an unprecedented crisis, and of course we are showing it virtually as the Tower Gallery is closed. But this work demonstrates the dedication, determination, training and imagination of a class who are completing their studies under extraordinary circumstances. Congratulations!

Dr. Robert Waterhouse, VPA Chair

A huge congratulations to our graduating seniors! Not only have you persevered and prospered in your years at Daemen, you’ve met an incredible and unexpected challenge with poise and determination. I wish you every success in your future!

Professor Philip Longson

To all our graduating seniors, we have lived and worked through the monumental challenges of this COVID-19 epoch. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished just as we are proud of you and your work. Best of luck as you step out into the world and realize that we have great opportunities ahead, even as we struggle greatly in ways we never imagined. 


Congratulations 2020 VPA graduates. Well done. I am truly impressed by your talent and drive. Best wishes for great and future things. I look forward to seeing your work out in the world. Corragio e Avanti!

Professor Dr. Laura L. watts

These are difficult, challenging and inspiring times. You are working through an unprecedented moment in history. Be aware of that. You have accomplished something that few graduating Seniors have ever done. Your perseverance and dedication to professionalism and craft has made us all so proud. Great work is created in greatly difficult times. You are doing great work. You are mindful of this difficult time. This will make you stronger and give you a deeper and new perspective on the world. This will give you an original voice. 


During your time at Daemen you have encountered and overcome many challenges. This present challenge is an unprecedented one and you have all responded with a professionalism and strength that is truly inspiring. I look forward to all the amazing things you will accomplish and I am proud to call you fellow alumni! Congratulations to you all!


Dear VPA Class of 2020, Congratulations on all of your academic achievements that you have accomplished!

During this time of historic uncertainty, I am confident that each of you will persevere with strength, radiate with integrity and lead with confidence on your new journey that you are set to embark on.


VPA seniors, Congratulations! You will never forget the events of your senior year. What is amazing, is the grace and positivity you have all displayed during this time. We are lucky, as artists, that we have a creative outlet to express ourselves at times of crisis and the work you have created is wonderful.
Kisses and koala bear snuggles.

Professor MIKE JONES

I am floored by your efforts as you tackled challenges during uncertain times. You should feel pride in all you have accomplished. Take action to learn and grow—as you have this semester—and you will go far. We are forever proud of you. Congrats, Class of 2020!